Great Britain might introduce sanctions against the Russians on the Magnitsky List

WPS: What the Papers Say

MacShane said, “Magnitsky’s death was gruesome but nobody has ever been brought to answer for it even though identities of these people are known. Hermitage Capital is a British company. Its head William Browder is a citizen of Great Britain. The authorities of Great Britain cannot remain a disinterested observer.”

“Since Moscow is clearly unwilling to prosecute the people whose decisions and actions resulted in the death of an innocent, it becomes our duty. Putin and Medvedev ought to be reminded that the days of Josef Stalin are over and impunity with them. The United States has made its contribution. It’s our turn now.”

Hermitage Capital officials in the meantime said that the British sanctions might hurt Moscow worse than anything imposed by the U.S. Department of State. “As matters stand, Great Britain is a Mecca for Russian state functionaries and oligarchs. It is in this country that their offspring study, that they themselves buy real estate in and transact their finances to. Functionaries on the Magnitsky List visited Great Britain more than once. It follows that the British sanctions will affect then more directly than the American,” said a spokesman for Hermitage Capital.

Moscow has never taken to the idea of personal sanctions imposed by anyone be it the United States, European Parliament, or EU member states. Its response is invariable. These sanctions are condemned as meddling in Russian domestic affairs and an attempt to apply pressure to investigation.

Political Techniques Center Assistant Director General Aleksei Makarkin reckoned that Moscow’s reaction to British sanctions might be particularly heated in this case. Makarkin said, “The Russian authorities will do everything to prevent the spread of the practice of personal sanctions from the United States across the ocean to Europe. They fear that the Magnitsky List might set a precedent.”

The Magnitsky List includes Federal Security Service officers, officers of the police, wardens and doctors, prosecutors, auditors, and inspectors. “The next list might include high-level functionaries… hence the importance Moscow is attaching to the matter,” said Makarkin. The political scientist said that should the British authorities decide to meet MacShane’s demands, this development would have an immediate and adverse effect on the British-Russian relations still recovering from Alexander Litvinenko’s death.

MacShane himself expressed confidence that the measures he had suggested would be accepted in the near future. “The Russian Foreign Ministry did say that the sanctions imposed by the U.S. Department of State were to have no adverse effect on the bilateral relations, didn’t it? Why then expect deterioration of the British-Russian relations?” he said. unshaven girl unshaven girls https://zp-pdl.com/online-payday-loans-in-america.php https://zp-pdl.com/get-quick-online-payday-loan-now.php hairy woman

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