March 2014

Why Ukraine matters


Hermitage Capital Management CEO William Browder breaks down why the Ukraine-Russian crisis matters to the global economy.

February 2014

Bill Browder on Putin’s Russia


While the Winter Olympics in Sochi project a bright, white image, Bill Browder tells a darker story of theft, vengeance and death in a corrupt Russia

There is a darker side to the bright, white images of Russia that millions of Americans see coming from the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Bill Browder says he lived it and then had his life threatened as the victim of outrageous corruption perpetrated by the Russian government. Browder tells Scott Pelley this story of theft, vengeance and death for a 60 Minutes report to be broadcast Sunday, Feb. 16 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

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November 2013

Investigative Reporter Dedicates Award to Russian Whistleblower


Knight International Journalism Award recipient Roman Anin paid tribute to Sergei Magnitsky, who “sacrificed his life for the truth” by revealing that millions went missing from the Russian treasury.

October 2013

Dr Andrew Foxall on BBC Newsnight about libel tourism

BBC Newsnight

Director of the Russia Studies Centre at the Henry Jackson Society, Dr Andrew Foxall, spoke to BBC Newsnight about the High Court’s decision to throw out a libel case against Bill Browder, the former client of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.

August 2013

Alan Mendoza discusses Magnitsky case with Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera

Alan Mendoza, Director of the Henry Jackson Society, discusses the recent posthumous conviction of Sergei Magnitsky and the failings of the Russian justice system.

June 2013

William Browder speaking at ICD Conference in Berlin


A Lecture by William Browder, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Hermitage Capital Management

Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy & Human Rights
“Towards a Global Human Rights Culture: The Need for a Collective Alliance in the Protection & Promotion of Human Rights” (Berlin; May 27th – June 1st, 2013)

June 2013

Browder Testimony to ALDE Group in European Parliament

Bill Browder spoke to an ALDE Group conference on the subject of Russian Political Prisoners.


The ALDE Group organised a seminar on political prisoners in Russia. A debate on the issue seems even more important since the mass arrests following the demonstrations in Moscow last year. Other speakers included Mikhail Kasyanov and Ludmilla Alexeeva.

The event coincided with Mr Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s 50th birthday

May 2013

Browder speaking to Voice of America (Russian Service)

Voice of America

William Browder speaking to Voice of America about INTERPOL and his campaign for justice for Sergei Magnitsky.

May 2013

Bill Browder Speech – Oslo Freedom Forum 2013

Oslo Freedom Forum

Bill Browder gave a speech at the Oslo Freedom Forum on 13 May 2013. He was telling delegates about the case of his murdered lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, the ongoing cover-up of his death and how they are now putting Sergei himself on trial posthumously.