Presidential Human Rights Council Report

President Medvedev’s Human Rights Council, who released their report into Sergei Magnitsky’s death in July 2011, provided evidence that Magnitsky’s original arrest was unlawful, that his detention was marked by beatings and torture aimed at extracting a confession of guilt, and that prison officials instructed doctors not to treat him.

The council, an advisory body that includes human rights and judicial reform advocates, accused a judge of committing Magnitsky to pre-trial detention without just cause and indicated that the tax fraud charges against him were fabricated. The council said the case against Magnitsky was marred by an obvious conflict of interest, because it was conducted by the same investigators Magnitsky had testified against after Hermitage, the British company Magnitsky was working for, accused interior ministry officers of a multimillion-dollar tax fraud commited against the Russian state.

Civil Right Council Conclusion Report, Executive Summary
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Appendix 1 – Public Oversight Commission Report
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Appendix 2 – Anti-corruption Committee Report
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Appendix 3 – Legal Advisory Opnion, Report on Illegal Detention
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