Olga Tsareva

Olga Tsareva


Deputy Head of Moscow Tax Office 28

Crimes of Olga Tsareva:

Olga Tsareva along with her co-workers at Moscow Tax Office 28 can take credit for being a key player in a $230 million theft from her own government.

It was her tax office that on 24th December 2007 approved a fraudulent tax refund of most of the $230 million in one working day with no audits and no checks.

Sergei Magnitsky testified that he believed officials of Moscow Tax Offices 25 and 28 to be corrupt and involved in the fraudulent refund.
Below are copies of documents showing payments made on Tsareva’s behalf to purchase a $2 million luxury condominium in Dubai.

The payments were made from the same offshore Swiss bank account used to purchase two luxury condominiums in the same development for the husband of her boss at Moscow Tax Office 28 Olga Stepanova, and to purchase another apartment for another co-worker at Tax office 28, Olga Tsareva.

The payments began just weeks after her office approved the $230 fraudulent tax refund discovered by Sergei Magnitsky. Payments on her behalf from this offshore Swiss account were how her percent of a criminal deal was laundered into clean real-estate.

Tsareva’s part in approving the $230 million fraudulent tax refund was not the first time she stole tax money from her own Government. Sergei Magnitsky found that companies had a history of being specially moved to tax offices 25 and 28 just before they received fraudulent refunds and he discovered hundreds of millions of dollars that had been refunded by tax office 28 to the same criminals and the same bank in previous years. See Complaint

Below are copies of documents showing transfers of money on Tsareva’s behalf. Complaints have been filed to see if the money that was used to buy this apartment was declared and asking the authorities to investigate the source of funds in the context of Sergei Magnitsky’s testimony against the tax officials of Moscow tax office 28.
See below for the payment orders and for pictures and information about the luxury Dubai apartment Tsareva bought.

Payment orders for US$620,784 down-payment for Apartment 116 at Kempinski Resort Palm Jumeirah, Dubai:

[Download this document in PDF]

Two payment orders totaling US$620,784 of the total $2 million purchase price of the apartment. Payments begin in 2008 immediately after Moscow Tax Office 28 approved the fraudulent tax refund that Sergei Magnitsky reported. The payment orders clearly indicate that they are for purchase of Unit 116 and this apartment is indicated on the Kempinski floor plan as an “A2” which according to the Kempinski price list is a 2 bedroom apartment that sells for $2,000,000. One of the Payment orders clearly shows that unit 116 is being purchased for Elena and Olga Tsareva. Elena is her daughter. The payments are being made from the same bank account that made payments for Vladlen Stepanov’s two apartments and for Olga’s colleague at Moscow Tax Office 28, Elena Anisimova.

Address: Kempinski Resort, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
Purchase Price: $2,000,000
The apartment is 183.3 sq meters including balconies of 26.9 sq meters. It has two bedrooms and a living room and 2.5 bathrooms.

Kempinski Resort and Residences location on Palm Jumeirah

Floorplan of the ground floor and flat G16 location

Flat G16 (Type A2) floorplan

Kempinski Resort and Residences view from the sea

Kempinski Resort and Residences aerial view

Flat interior

Flat interior

Flat interior

Flat interior

Flat interior

Flat interior

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