Denial of Medical Care by Investigators, Judges and Prison Authorities

Below are some of the official denials of medical treatment to Sergei Magnitsky. Despite a clear diagnosis of a lethal – but treatable – medical condition by prison doctors, and despite Sergei’s rapidly deteriorating health, Oleg Silchenko and the Interior Ministry denied all of Sergei’s requests for medical attention. For so long as Magnitsky would not recant his testimony against the Untouchables and their theft of $230 million from the Russian state, he would be denied the life-saving treatment he needed.

Major Oleg Silchenko

Denial of an Ultrasound by Investigator Oleg Silchenko (2 September 2009)
Despite the clear diagnosis of pancreatitis and cholecystitis by prison doctors and their prescription for an ultrasound and surgery, Interior Ministry Investigator Oleg Silchenko denied any medical treatment for Sergei.
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[Download this document in PDF]
Response from the Interior Ministry (28 September 2009)
The Deputy Head of the Interior Ministry’s Medical Unit replies to Magnitsky’s lawyers, stating that he is not responsible for the standards of treatment in pre-trial detention centers and that he has forwarded their complaint to the Interior Ministry ‘s Department for Public Order.

Major Oleg Silchenko

Denial from Investigator Oleg Silchenko (30 September 2009)
Investigator Silchenko again denies an abdominal ultrasound for Magnitsky, overruling the doctor’s prescriptions.
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Dmitry Komnov, Head of Byturka

Dmitry Komnov, Head of Butyrka

Response from Head of Butyrka and Head of Butyrka Medical Unit (7 October 2009)
The Head of Butyrka (D. Komnov) and the Head of the Butyrka Medical Unit (D. Kratov) confirm to Magnitsky’s lawyers that he is medically fit to remain in pre-trial detention.
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Response from the Prison Authorities (7 October 2009)
The Head of the Moscow Penal Service (V. Davidov) acknowledges the receipt of Magnitsky’s complaints and replies that Magnitsky’s treatment has been in accordance with existing rules of detention.
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Response from Andrei Pechegin of the Russian General Prosecutor’s Office stating that Magnitsky’s complaints have been received and concluding that there has been no violation of Russian law and there was no reason to investigate (9 October 2009)
Complaint by Sergei Magnitsky to the Head of Butyrka’s Medical Unit regarding an apparently mentally unstable inmate who has been placed in Magnitsky’s cell and who made threatening statements to Magnitsky.
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