Nemtsov called on the EU to impose sanctions against Vladimir Putin

BBC Russia

Leaders of Russian “non-systemic” opposition vowed to pursue the introduction of sanctions by Western countries against the concrete of the ruling circles, including Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Deputy Head of Presidential Administration Vladislav Surkov.

The European Parliament is discussing possible sanctions against Russian officials implicated in the death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky and “the Khodorkovsky case, but while it was Putin and Surkov lists, according to unofficial data, there is, and the prospects of introducing sanctions themselves fairly vague.

One opposition leader Boris Nemtsov said on Monday that Russian democracy is to help the West must cancel any sanctions against the country as a whole, but to introduce them against specific people.

“This list should begin with a named Putin. Because this man, having a law degree, legs, hands, teeth, crushed and ripped the Russian constitution, and with cruelty and contempt,” – said Nemtsov.

Next on the list

“Second on the list should enter Surkov. This man is responsible for domestic policy, the man entered the country’s censorship, especially on television, is the man who introduced the fashion of rigged elections, which organizes the persecution of opposition” – plenty of blame to the Surkov, Boris Nemtsov.

According to him, in the European “black list” should be also a former leader of Nashi and head Rosmolodezh Vasily Yakimenko, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, for participation in the destruction of Yukos, the judge handed down sentences of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev and opposition, and many others.

Another opposition leader, Ilya Yashin, suggested that sanctions such as a ban on the entry or the freezing of accounts will be effective, as Russian officials, in his view, are very interested in the opportunity to travel to Europe and to store money.

On the issue of BBC, as far as actually getting into such a list of senior officials from Putin, Yashin said: “Our main goal now – to get there Surkov. A chance to assess difficult.”

Boris Nemtsov said that he discussed the possibility of such sanctions, with members of the European Parliament.

Lists of European Parliament

The European Parliament late last year and the beginning of this discussion the so-called “list Magnitsky” and “list of Mr. Khodorkovsky.” The first, compiled colleagues who died in prison Sergei Magnitsky included implicated in the death officials have the highest rank.

The composition of the second list – involved in the so-called ‘second case against Khodorkovsky and Lebedev, “as explained to BBC deputy Evroparlamena Kristiina Ojuland, only discussed.

“In physical form, on paper, at least I have not seen such a list. And no names we are called not going to not raise a new wave. Well, we can talk about judges and other persons who are (directly) related to this business “- said Ojuland.

The Russian press reported that the list may be included with Sechin and Putin, but Kristina Ojuland stated categorically that at least it is their names during the discussion did not call.

The European Parliament is not the first time there are calls to impose sanctions on Russia’s leadership, but the case has not yet been reached. Now, as explained Ojuland, MEPs only intend to discuss this issue at the plenary session with representatives from the European Commission.

Single country of the Schengen area may itself make a person a “black list” and close it from entering into the whole of Europe. And received, for example, Estonia with members of Nashi, including Yakemenko, after the events of 2007 around the “Bronze Soldier”. But Russian opposition leaders and members of the European Parliament would like to see a coordinated political gesture of the European Union. unshaven girls hairy girls https://zp-pdl.com/emergency-payday-loans.php zp-pdl.com микрозайм онлайн

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