Dmitry Klyuev

Position: Owner of Universal Savings Bank

Criminal Alias: Dima Chelter

Date of Birth: 10.08.1967

Born: Moscow, Russia

Conviction: Fraud – 2006 (Criminal case No. 128203)

CEO of “Chelter”, “InformAuditActive” and “Consulting Center Sattelite”

Dmitry Klyuev is the head and mastermind of an organized crime group which includes amongst its members: lawyers who specialize in fraud and forgery; law enforcement officers who extort property from the innocent and protect the guilty; tax officials who authorize fraudulent refunds; and violent criminals who act as the enforcement arm of the group. He specializes in the use of fraudulently obtained court judgments to arrange fraudulent tax refunds with corrupt tax officials but is equally willing to engage in other criminal activities which rely on extortion and violence.

1998: Dmitry Klyuev was first arrested for assault, battery and robbery on 3 June 1998.

2003: Dmitry Klyuev became the subject of an assassination attempt together with his wife on 16 March 2003.

2004: According to press articles Dmitry Klyuev was involved in an attempt to steal 45 million shares of Gazprom under sham lawsuits where his driver, Yuri Tyukaev, acted as the plaintiff

2006: Dmitry Klyuev was convicted of fraud involving shares of iron ore company Mikhailovsky GOK on 12 July 2006.

2006: Dmitry Klyuev was also questioned but escaped conviction in the Mikheev extortion and kidnapping case.

Dmitry Klyuev testified that he was the secret owner of Universal Savings Bank, the bank which received hundreds of millions of dollars in fraudulent tax refunds from the Russian government

Testimony taken from the conviction of Dmitry Klyuev in which he admits to owning and controlling Universal Savings Bank through certain nominees provided by Sergei Orlov, a Klyuev Criminal Group member.

[Download this document in PDF]

English translation of testimony taken from the conviction of Dmitry Klyuev in which he admits to owning and controlling Universal Savings Bank through nominees provided by Sergei Orlov, a Klyuev Criminal Group member.

[Download this document in PDF]

Dmitry Klyuev travelled extensively with other members of the Klyuev group.

Klyuev travelled with Officer Pavel Karpov at a time when Karpov was investigating Klyuev’s role in the attempted US$1.6 billion Mikhailovsky GOK shares theft.

Trip to Larnaka 05-04-2006 Karpov and Klyuev

Trip to Larnaka 05-04-2006 Karpov and Klyuev

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In the court case following this vacation Dmitry Klyuev received only a suspended sentence. Klyuev’s verdict was signed by judge Vasyuchenko of Presnensky district court of Moscow. Thereafter, each time he has been the subject of criminal allegations, his crimes are blamed on other individuals who are either dead or who die immediately after they are accused. Please see the section Dead Bodies left in the Wake of the Klyuev Organized Crime Group.

In 2007 Pavel Karpov was the officer holding all of the Hermitage Fund’s Russian documents that were used by the Klyuev Organized Crime Group in the $230 million fraudulent tax refund and he was also the officer who opened the case used to arrest Sergei Magnitsky. Officer Karpov and his family were found to have over $1.3 million in assets but he has never been prosecuted.

View the movie about Officer Karpov below:

Dmitry Klyuev regularly travels with lawyers, Andrey Pavlov and his wife Yulia Mayorova, both of whom participated in the collusive court cases used to obtain fraudulent tax refunds.

Dmitry Klyuev made several trips with tax officer Olga Stepanova, who approved numerous fraudulent tax refunds paid to accounts in his Universal Savings Bank. Olga Stepanova and her husband, Vladlen Stepanov, were later found to have amassed a fortune of $39 million but have not been prosecuted, despite a number of criminal complaints having been filed with law enforcement agencies against them.

Dmitry Kluyev also traveled on private jet Raytheon 800XP Hawker with the Interior Ministry officer Artem Kuznetsov who soon after the trip initiated illegal criminal case against Hermitage and arrested Sergei Magnitsky. Officer Kuznetsov and his family were caught with over $3 million dollars in assets and was never prosecuted despite numerous complaints filed.

For more information see the Crimes of the Kluyev Organized Crime Group.

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