Dmitri Klyuev’s early criminal records

Dmitri Klyuev Arrest record for Assault, Battery and robbery, 3 June 1998

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The above arrest record shows that Dmitry Klyuev was arrested after beating a man who was leaving the apartment of Natalia Fen, a 20 Ukrainian female who Klyuev was dating. Klyuev also stole the man’s car and money. Klyuev would later go on to marry Natalia Fen at which time she changed her name to Ekaterina Sokolova. (See details:

Police report regarding the attempted assassination of Klyuev’s wife, 16 March 2003

[Download this document in PDF]

The above police report describes how a professional assassin (formerly a police officer) attempted to kill Klyuev’s wife at the Starlight Diner in Moscow on March 16, 2003. Klyuev’s bodyguard was shot and seriously injured but Klyuev and Natalia Fen escaped unharmed. Klyuev refused to press charges against the assassin and the case was dropped. Klyuev then married Natalia Fen who changed her name to Ekaterina Sokolova. For a brief history of Kluyev’s wife, see the comment at the end of

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