April 2013

Magnitsky Law Implemented

Voice of America

The United States believes there should not be impunity in Russia for those who violate human rights. In this week/today’s “Policy Brief” segment, we’ll take a closer look:

April 2013

Magnitsky Law Implemented


The United States believes there should not be impunity in Russia for those who violate human rights.

April 2013

Russia blacklists 18 Americans in Magnitsky row

Al Jazeera

A row that began with the death of a lawyer in a Moscow prison is seriously affecting relations between Russia and the US.

A group Russians allegedly involved in a massive fraud and the killling of Sergei Magnitsky have been barred from the US.

Now the Kremlin has responded with its own blacklist.

Al Jazeera’s David Chater reports from Moscow.

April 2013

The tax haven shell game


Frederic Zalac has the details about a company run by a Toronto businessman and its role in a multi-million dollar scam that turned in to an international murder mystery.

March 2013

YLE: Eyewitness


Finland TV Documenary: Murder and blow. Money, power and violence. Russia’s largest-ever tax fraud is a hair-raising story of everyday Putinism. Implications superpower relations and the EU’s economic assistance to Cyprus. Supplier of Eero he added.

Presented: Thurs 03/14/2013 at 20:00 Yle TV2

March 2013

Sky News: The trial of Magnitsky – “dancing on the grave”

Sky News

Today the court will hear the case of the Russian whistleblower lawyer, accused of tax fraud. This is despite the fact that the defendant had died over three years ago! Sergei Magnitsky died in prison under suspicious circumstances. This is the first posthumous court case in Russian history.

March 2013

Russia adjourns dead lawyer trial to March 22


A Moscow court on Monday put dead Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky on trial for tax evasion in defiance of his family’s complaints it was “desecrating” his memory, but swiftly adjourned the process to March 22. Duration: 00:33

March 2013

The final straw?

The Economist

SERGEI MAGNITSKY goes on trial in Russia, large sugary drinks are banned in New York, a referendum takes place in the Falkland Islands and a telescope is inaugurated in Chile.

February 2013

Swiss TV News – Magnitsky Case (German)


Swiss TV News programme. Magnitsky Case