Russian opposition leader Yashin calls for Lithuanian support to Magnitsky act

Lithuania Tribune

The head of the Solidarity movement, one of opposition leaders Ilya Yashin, maintains he has urged Lithuanian officials and parliamentarians to support the so-called Magnitsky act in Europe.

Yashin described his meetings in Lithuania over the past week in his accounts on Twitter and Facebook on Monday.

“I am having a useful time in Vilnius. Had a meeting with Lithuania’s presidential adviser, foreign vice-minister and a group of parliamentarians. I am persuading them to support the Magnitsky act in Europe and personal sanctions against investigators and judges in the Bolotnoye case (a criminal case on opposition protest rallies on the eve Vladimir Putin’s inauguration as president). We will do our best to bar the defiant bad guys from using their real estate and bank accounts in European countries,” Yashin said on Facebook and Twitter.

Egidijus Vareikis, a member of the Lithuanian parliamentary European Affairs Committee, said the Monday’s meeting with Yashin was informal and, among other matters, addressed the Magnitsky act.

“The meeting was informal, we discussed the political situation in Russia, we had questions, I was a pre-election observer during the presidential elections (in Russia) and said that some in the West deemed it senseless to wait for Russia to become a Western country, as Putin made Russia what he needed it to be. I asked (Yashin) about his opinion on my position, and he agreed that this was what the situation actually was,” Vareikis told BNS on Tuesday.

Presidential adviser Jovita Neliupsiene refused to elaborate on the meeting with the Russian opposition figure. In a reply to BNS, the President’s Office said that “advisers hear many various opinions on a daily basis, this was one of working conversations.”

Russian lawyer Sergey Magnitsky said he had revealed a 235 million US dollars of tax evasion scheme involving state officials, however, was soon arrested and died under mysterious circumstances in prison in 2009.

After his detention, the authorities charged him with the crimes he had disclosed.

In the end of 2012, the United States published the so-called Magnitsky act, envisaging sanctions for Russian officials believed to have something to do with the lawyer’s death.These people were barred from getting US visas and their US accounts were also frozen.

In response, Russia banned adoption of Russian children by American citizens.

Lithuanian prosecutors suspect that USD 13 million, fraudulently obtained from the Russian budget in an embezzlement scheme disclosed by late lawyer Sergey Magnitsky, might have been laundered through offshore company accounts in Lithuania’s Ukio Bankas.

Prosecutors have confirmed to BNS that the investigation was opened in response to a request by representatives of investment fund Hermitage Capital Management where Magnitsky worked.

Prosecutors have imposed a temporary restriction of property rights to more than 20 offshore companies with accounts in Ukio Bankas.

Lithuanian MEP Leonidas Donskis who last week joined the interparliamentary Magnitsky group has expressed certitude that the European Union would have the courage to follow the US example of making a black list of Russian officials rather than just making angry statements. hairy girls unshaven girls zp-pdl.com https://zp-pdl.com/emergency-payday-loans.php онлайн займ

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