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“I am extremely pleased with this visit, as it allows Americans to get acquainted in-depth with the EU policy towards Russia which is our strategic partner – said Ambassador Vale del Almeida greeting MEP Kristiina Ojuland – reporter on ‘Magnitsky Law’ in premises of the EU delegation.

On the one hand, none of the serious problems of international agenda as the conflict in Syria, or Iran’s nuclear program can be solved without Russia’s participation, on the other hand, we can’t practice “real-politics” turning a blind eye to human rights problems in Russia. Genuine partnership requires an open exchange of views, including criticism. “, – continued del Almeida.

Arriving of the MEP Kristiina Ojuland to Washngton at the voting day for “Magnitsky Act” in the Senat is not a mere coincidence. More recently Ojulnad, appointed as a reporter on the case of Magnitsky in the European Parliament, – will participate in the conference “Towards Democratic Russia” with Senators Benjamin Cardin and Kelly Ayotte – which will be held on June 27 at the Congress.

Further Ojuland planned the meetings with representatives of different political forces, in particular, with Senator McCain. “We live in times of an individual, not collective responsibility, so the replacement of “Jackson-Vanik amendment’ to the “Magnitsky Law” is a fair and modern solution for fighting corruption – said Ojuland. – ‘Magnitsky Law” – is a surgical strike on corruption, it is not directed against the Russian people. ” Despite the approval of the Senate to become law, “bill Magnitsky” should get the green light in the U.S. House of Representatives that will not happen before the autumn of this year.

However, the opinion of senators has significantly advanced the struggle for justice for the deceased Sergei Magnitsky and against corruption in Russia in general. “In the European Parliament there is a growing interest for the idea of” ‘Magnitsky law” among representatives of different political forces.

More and more politicians become aware of the dangers of corruption in Russia. Primarily for the Russians themselves, but also for all those who engage into cooperation with them “, – said Ojuland. “The Magnitsky law” – is about the inevitable punishment for crimes, but not only in relation to the deceased Sergei Magnitsky – continued Ojuland. – It assumes that the application of the law is constantly updating the list of corrupt officials, who refused to attend the EU, which accounts will be frozen. ”

Continuing the conversation with the Ambassador, Ojuland stressed the complexity of co-operation with Russia finding itself with de facto illegitimate Duma and president whose elections European Parliament recognized as neither free nor fair. In this situation, Russia’s accession to the WTO and the lifting of the Jackson-Vanik amendment should be the impetus for the development of closer relations between the Russians and the West, but in no case the indulgence to the corrupt officials.

At the same time, she admitted that classifying the names from the list – an amendment adopted at the insistence of the administration of U.S. President, greatly weakens the force of law. “Today the issue of the announcement of the names from the list is a subject of a debate between various political forces, but the law is in a preparatory stage and it is too early to conclude” – said Ojuland.

Much of this dispute depends on the position of the Russians themselves. The final word should belong to them, as the law is aimed at supporting the democratization of life in Russia. Both in Washington and Brussels politicians with great attention perceive the opinion of Russian civil society, which recently is becoming more active in defending its constitutional rights, therefore, Russian opposition is invited to attend the Capitol Hills up-coming conference.

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