Must Read: The Novaya Newspaper On VAT Theft At Tax Office #28

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You will probably remember from the case of Magnitsky, the thieves in Taxation Inspection #28 (including my favourite Vladlen-I-Am-Bitter- Stepanov) who, under the cover of the Investigation Committee, Ministry of Interior and Federal Security Service, pulled from the budget 5.4 bln roubles on the pretence of profit tax refund.

Those who deal with taxation know quite well that stealing money via “abusive tax schemes” is done by means of fake VAT recovery; theft of profit tax rebate is rather uncommon.

Honest businessmen fail to recompense it for years, most often they secure judgement only through court rule.

But certain personalities get the VAT recovered lightening-fast.

The Novaya Gazeta newspaper has analyzed the unusual methods of VAT reimbursement at Tax offices #28 and #25 and discovered that billions have been stolen that way.

In 2009-2010, 11 billion roubles.

It’s curious that 3.5 bln out of 11 were laundered via firms registered to the name of the old aquaintance of ours, Yulia Gorskaya nee Baeva.

That’s what is written about her in the same Transneft documents on theft in course of construction of VSTO [Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean oil pipeline].

Fake contracts valued at billions roubles were pumped through her firms in 2007-2008. Everybody knew about it. Her name was spotted in dozens of suits on money laundering and cash-pull. But taxmen (in some cases) prefer to stick to presumption of innocence: they used to immediately refund the VAT to Baeva/Gorskaya. Those of you who have gone through the hell of VAT legal recovery at least once in your lives, may count her blessings.

On June 11, 2010 under the RF Presidential Edict No 706 is appointed to the management of the Federal Agency for Supplies of Weaponry, Military and Special Equipment and Materiel (RosOboronPostavka).

On April 5, 2011 under the RF Presidential Edict No 407 is awarded the class ranking of Full State Counsellor 3rd Class of the Russian Federation.

All “refunders” and their boss lady – Nadezhda Sinikova, head of the Ministry of Taxation of Moscow – have successfully transferred to jobs at RosOboronPostavka.

I’ve already written about the manner they supply weaponry.

Less and less does it seem to me that such tricks could be possible without protection (most likely, with a directive instruction) from the then Minister of Taxation Mr. Serduykov [now the Minister of Defence], who later wangled Stepanova and Sinikova into the job at the Weaponry Supplies Agency.

National defence is in good hands. Those hands will never get shaky and loose the grasp of the saw.

Oh, and read the article in the Novaya, indeed. It’s enlightening.

P.S. Related reading: the blog of Magnitsky’s workfellow Jamison Firestone.

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