Russia: Hermitage Capital says more pressure exerted on Magnitskiy family


A new investigator just assigned to the case of the former Hermitage Capital fund lawyer Sergey Magnitskiy has summoned his mother to appear for questioning, Interfax news agency reported on 28 December, quoting a Hermitage Capital statement.

“Magnitskiy’s mother has received a telegram from Boris Kibis, an investigator of the Interior Ministry’s main directorate for Central Federal District, who has formally replaced Oleg Silchenko [as the Magnitskiy case investigator]. Investigator Kibis has requested her to come to his office today, 28 December, at 1500 [1100 gmt]. As an alternative, investigator Kibis has offered Magnitskiy’s mother to waive her right to seek rehabilitation of her son,” the statement says. Investigator Kibis, the fund adds, earlier refused to consider as “insignificant” the conclusions made by the presidential council on human rights acknowledging Magnitskiy’s arrest as illegal and recognizing violations of his rights by biased investigators. Moreover, Hermitage Capital’s statement says, the new investigator did not find any wrongdoing in the actions of his predecessor, who continues to oversee the Magnitskiy case.

Hermitage Capital quotes Magnitskiy’s mother letter, which she sent to the investigation: “I refuse to take part in knowingly illegal investigative activities related to the case initiated against my son, because I do not trust the investigator, who does not observe the law and does not respect citizens’ rights. Again, I ask you to protect me and other relatives of Sergey (Magnitskiy – Interfax) from persecution.”

In conjunction with the subpoena, Kibis informed Magnitskiy’s mother that she has been given a status of “legal representative of a deceased defendant”, which, the fund asserts, is not legally sound.

“The request to come to your office is illegal, just as the invented apparently specifically for me status of ‘legal representative of a deceased defendant’. I have never applied … [ellipses as published] to consider me as such. Apportioning me with this status without my consent is illegal and unacceptable,” Natalya Magnitskaya wrote.

Her lawyer Nikolay Gorokhov has appealed the investigation’s actions at the Prosecutor-General’s Office indicating that nobody may be given a status of a legal representative without one’s consent. The actions of investigator Kibis testify of “his continuous illegal attempts to subject Magnitskiy as well as his close relatives to criminal persecution acting in violation of the law or on the basis of non-existent laws,” the appeal says. hairy girl микрозаймы онлайн female wrestling https://zp-pdl.com/apply-for-payday-loan-online.php https://zp-pdl.com быстрые займы онлайн

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