Russian rights activist criticizes scope of Magnitskiy investigation


Two years on from the death of the Hermitage Capital lawyer Sergey Magnitskiy in a Moscow pre-trial detention centre, human rights activists say that there has been no full investigation of the tragedy.

“Something was done: criminal proceedings were instituted over Magnitskiy’s death. Some people face charges as part of these proceedings; they are the doctors, and that is where the problem lies,” Kirill Kabanov, head of the National Anticorruption Committee and a member of the presidential council for human rights [Council for Promoting the Development of the Institutions of Civil Society and Human Rights], told Interfax on Tuesday [15 November].

He said the most important thing had not been done: the role of a group of Russian security and other officials in the Magnitskiy case had not been investigated. Kabanov is one of the [participants in an independent inquiry into Magnitskiy’s death within the presidential council for human rights.

“The Investigations Committee cannot combine all Magnitskiy-related cases into one criminal investigation. This decision has to be made by the Prosecutor-General’s Office, and it is not doing it,” Kabanov said.

“The security bureaucracy has vast resources to protect itself. There is the will of the president, the will of the public, but the security bureaucracy does not want the entire chain to be revealed. These are not just Interior Ministry and security services officers but also members of the judiciary,” Kabanov said.

Head of the presidential council for human rights Mikhail Fedotov told Interfax earlier that the council would hold a special meeting devoted to the Magnitskiy case in Moscow on 24 November.

“Other incidents involving deaths in pre-trial detention facilities will also be discussed at the meeting in Moscow on 24 November,” Fedotov told Interfax last Friday [11 November]. He said that head of the Russian Investigations Committee Aleksandr Bastrykin and Moscow City Court chairman Olga Yegorova had already confirmed they would attend. “The prosecutor-general and representatives of the Interior Ministry have been invited. We intend to discuss the practice that has taken shape as regards replacing arrest with other restraining measures when those facing charges are seriously ill,” Fedotov said. Members of the presidential council for human rights hope to have a meeting with [President Dmitriy] Medvedev in December. hairy girl займы на карту без отказа https://zp-pdl.com/online-payday-loans-cash-advances.php https://zp-pdl.com/online-payday-loans-cash-advances.php быстрые займы онлайн

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