Colonel Natalya Vinogradova


Deputy Head of the Investigative Committee of the Interior Ministry colonel Natalya Vinogradova, who participated in the investigation of investment fund Hermitage Capital of lawyer Magnitsky may be involved in receiving a bribe of 40 thousand dollars for the renewal of terminating the criminal case, said Chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Committee Kirill Kabanov, in his statement sent to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin.

In 2008, the bribe, divided into tranches, Vinogradova, who had the name of Shcherbakova and then worked in a methodical control of the Interior Ministry met with the member of the “Guild of Lawyers of Moscow,” Vladimir Podolyakin. In 2003, the lawyer involved in client assets under the Moscow factory “Stekloagregat.” The case of forgery in the privatization was investigating at the police department of the Southern District, and to achieve the seizure of the plant, Podolyakina requsted Vinogradova to help him. After giving her a total of 40 thousand dollars, the case was sent to the main investigation department of the Moscow police, but the property has not been arrested. Then Vladimir Podolyakin asked Natalya Vinogradova to back money. After refusing, he went to the police. According to Kirill Kabanov, this is not the only accusation against N.Vinogradova.

So, the journalist Olga Romanova, wife arrested on charges of fraud businessman Alexei Kozlov, has repeatedly argued, including a complaint to the prosecutor that Vinogradov taking bribes. Romanov wrote that she was paid Vladlen Vinogradov $ 1.5 million for her husband’s release from prison. “The money came from, but her husband has not been released”, – said chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee. Natalia Vinogradova was supervisor of the investigator Oleg Silchenko, which in 2008 conducted the case against Magnitsky.

In 2009, the newspaper (Russian edition) The New Times wrote that “influential people” paid $ 6 million for the arrest of the lawyer Hermitage. Silchenko who interrogated Magnitsky was nothing more than executing the order. Decisions was taken by Vinogradova. In 2010, the Day of Police Lieutenant Colonel Silchenko was awarded with “Best investigator,” and Colonel Vinogradova presented “Honorary Fellow Russian Interior Ministry.” In late May, they were re-certification and become police officers. Our reference Case Magnitsky and “untouchables”

The scandal with the fund Hermitage Capital in Russia began in June 2007 In October 2007, one of the companies found guilty of tax evasion. Fund lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, investigated and found that on the basis of seized documents fraudsters fake contracts entered into and conducted hearings, during which it became clear that the Hermitage Capital has a dummy companies $ 1 billion. As it turned out, the companies were re-registered on the organization of “Pluto” in Tatarstan.

On the account, open one of the companies in some time, found $ 230 million, which in 2006 were paid Hermitage Capital in the Russian treasury in taxes. As found Magnitsky tax case, in cooperation with law enforcement officers, prosecutors and even the court, having spent the machinations with the return of the value added tax, received from the budget of billions of dollars. Magnitsky himself was later convicted of tax crimes and detained. Suffering from heart disease and not receiving the necessary assistance, an attorney in November 2009, died in the detention center, “Matroskaya Tishina.”

Last summer, the friends began to spread Magnitsky incriminating material on a special website, “Stop the untouchables“. Was first released two mini-films under the title “untouchables,” and then on YouTube, there are three of the plot of Lieutenant Colonel Artem Kuznetsov, Major Pavel Karpov and former head of the capital tax № 28 Olga Stepanova. In April, colleagues and friends have revealed new facts Magnitsky fraud, and a representative of law firm Firestone Duncan Jamison Firestone asked the RF IC to initiate criminal proceedings against Stepanova. As explained in the fund Hermitage Capital, Stepanova, December 24, 2007 approved the return of the budget of these companies in 2006 Hermitage Fund funds in the form of income tax. The fund also asked to also check the real estate acquired by Stepanova. Friends Magnitsky argue that although Stepanova and her ex-husband in 2006-2009, earning, according to official figures, only about 38 thousand dollars a year, since 2008, their income began to soar.

Already in early 2008 Vladlen Stepanov (ex-husband) has registered in his name Cyprus company Arivust Holdings Lmtd. At the same time for the company’s accounts were opened in the Zurich bank. Stepanov himself said that he opened an account in Switzerland in 1995. On account of the company Stepanov were translated more than 7 million euros. In addition, he has registered in the Virgin Islands has one company Aikate Properties Inc. Accounts for the company were opened in the same Zurich bank. They received 750 000 euros, and then another 650 thousand dollars. In total, the accounts of these companies received $ 11 million that the 287 times higher than the specified income Stepanovs over the same period, referred to in the investigation of colleagues Magnitsky.

Olga Stepanova at the end of last year, according to the results of official investigation had been warned about incomplete adequacy, and in January 2011, resigned from the inspection of their own volition. No Stepanova, nor any of her deputies to justice on charges of embezzlement from the budget were not prosecuted. быстрые займы на карту займ онлайн на карту без отказа https://zp-pdl.com/emergency-payday-loans.php https://zp-pdl.com/get-a-next-business-day-payday-loan.php срочный займ

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