Russian Untouchables. Episode 3. Olga Stepanova.

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One Response to “Russian Untouchables. Episode 3. Olga Stepanova.”

  1. Stopskolkovo says:

    Stop and Boycott Skolkovo
    The Letter of Disorganizing Committee

    Dear friend!
    We are the initiative group of professionals living in
    Russia and abroad. We know the current situation in the country very well and want to warn and inform you about consequences of your possible decisions.
    The corrupted government of modern Russia is about to begin a new innovative project “Skolkovo”, the next attempt to create Russian analog of US phenomenon Silicon Valley, which real purpose is furtherplundering of the budget of Russia.
    The majority of honest Russian and foreign scientists have
    already refused participation in it. In Russia, since the USSR times, there is enough highly-skilled personnel, but the corrupted authorities usurping the power in the country, has simply thrown them out on streets since they have been interested exclusively in plundering of Russia and moving stolen money to personal accounts in foreign banks.
    Now the Skolkovo Foundation is planning to address foreign experts with the tempting offer to move to Russia and work for “good” compensation and benefits like freedom of movement, etc. You, probably, might receive some amount of the dirty money stolen from Russian people, access to cheap vodka, drugs and attractive Russian whores. What should you
    give up in exchange? The accommodation behind a fence in Skolkovo surrounded by hostile locals, your every step will be supervised by secret services, video of your sexual adventures will be stored in a safe place, results of your work can be used against your country and people, you will force to share a hefty part of the compensation with your patrons, you will exchange your honor and reputation for dirty money, and crooks will use your honest name as a cover.
    Think carefully before making any decision to cooperate with corrupted government of Russia, otherwise you should start learning new Russian terminology: raspil, otkat, blat, krysha, bespredel, dat’ na lapu, propiska, stukach, churka, pindos, etc.
    Stop and boycott Skolkovo! Do not trust the corrupted
    government of Russia!
    All of us still hope there will be time when conditions in Russia will change and we can work together for good.

    Faithfully yours
    Disorganizing Committee “Stop and Boycott Skolkovo”

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