DAVOS 2011: Bill Browder challenging Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov about Corruption in Russia and the Sergei Magnitsky case.

RUSSIA’S attempts to present itself as a modernising force and a good place for business came under sharp attack in Davos after Bill Browder took the deputy prime minister, Igor Shuvalov, to task in a private session.

Russia has taken a leading role at this year’s World Economic Forum, with President Dmitry Medvedev delivering the opening speech and an entire forum given over to “Russia’s Next Steps to Modernisation”.

However, attempts to drum up business interest in the country were dealt a blow by Mr Browder, the founder of Hermitage Capital Management and once the largest foreign investor in Russia. He demanded Mr Shuvalov answer questions about an alleged $230m (£144m) state-orchestrated fraud that led to the death of his investigative lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.

“The President of the country called for an investigation into the people who killed my lawyer,” Mr Browder told a panel chaired by Mr Shuvalov. “One year after the investigation, people who killed the lawyer have been promoted higher by state orders… My question to you, Igor, is what will prevent other investors to have the same experience after my experience in Russia?”.

Mr Shuvalov responded: “We know this case very well… Unfortunately, I don’t know the results of the investigation and the end of the case… The past is always very important, although not always positive, but we need to concentrate on the future.”
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2 Responses to “DAVOS 2011: Bill Browder challenging Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov about Corruption in Russia and the Sergei Magnitsky case.”

  1. theSixth says:

    Please embed another videofile if possible, this one seems to have desynchronized audiostream.

  2. Vasily says:

    He said that he is sorry but he did not say something about punishment for the people who killed Sergey. I do not like his answer. Sergey’s family needs another answer.

    Some months ago I was stopped by guys whom I passed over by car. They accised me of hitting their car. After we stopped they made some marks on my car and I saw it. After we came into police department the policemen told me I had better pay them if I do not want problems. It happened in Smolensk region. After that I do not know how to deal with police and try to avoid them.


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