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1) Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Report (August 2009)
The Special Rapporteur for the Committee of Legal Affairs and Human Rights of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrrenberger, issued this report in August 2009. Approved by a unanimous vote by the Parliamentary Assembly, the report describes how the Hermitage case, and the imprisonment of Sergei Magnitsky as a hostage, is emblematic of the politically-motivated abuses of the Russian justice system. In addition, it summarizes the attacks and intimidation against Sergei and the other lawyers acting for HSBC/Hermitage in Russia through the use of police searches, questioning, arrest and imprisonment. The Rapporteur concludes that she, “Cannot help suspecting that this coordinated attack [against Hermitage] must have the support of senior officials.”

See in particular, page 29 (paragraphs 87-91) with notes at the bottom of page 29 and pages 34-36 (paragraphs 108-112).
[Download this document in PDF]

2 ) Letter to President Medvedev from the UK Law Society (24 July 2009)
[Download this document in PDF]

3) Letter to President Medvedev from the International Bar Association (8 June 2009)
[Download this document in PDF]

4) William Browder’s Testimony to the U.S. Helsinki Commission (23 June 2009)
[Download this document in PDF]

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