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December 2020

Churov assumes he is on the Magnitsky list – mistakenly

The Moscow News

The head of Russia’s electoral commission has said he is privileged to be on a US visa blacklist over the death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, despite not actually being on the list.

Vladimir Churov told the TV channel Dozhd he was privileged to keep company with dozens of other senior Russian officials banned from entering the US but denied any involvement in the arrest and death of Magnitsky, and the alleged cover up of the massive tax fraud Magnitsky said he had exposed.

Bill Browder, Magnitsky’s old boss at Hermitage Capital, said that Churov was not in fact on the list but condemned Churov’s blasé attitude. “He was not on the list of people who tortured and killed Sergei Magnitsky, but any senior Russian government official who says that he is proud to be associated with those who grossly abused Magnitsky’s human rights immediately calls into question their integrity, their morality and their fitness for public service,” he told The Moscow News.

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