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October 2013

HowardKennedyFsi Wins in Landmark Libel Case

Howard Kennedy FSI

HowardKennedyFsi [HKFsi] partners Mark Stephens & Sue Thackeray, have successfully struck out a landmark High Court libel case before Mr Justice Peregrine Simon who, in his Judgment released today, redefined what constitutes “a real and substantial tort” in libel claims in the UK. This will decision will act as a real disincentive to libel tourists using London to launder their reputations.

Acting for the defendants in Karpov V. Browder, Hermitage & others, HKFsi faced a High Court battle in relation to claims of defamation brought by former Russian cop Pavel Karpov in relation to allegations that appeared on a campaigning website run by Mr Browder.

Mr Browder, a UK based fund manager, had retained his Russian lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky to investigate a massive tax fraud. Magnitsky fingered a Russian crime gang. He was later detained and died in custody.
The US response was impressive with President Obama – with unprecedented bi-partisan support – passing the Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012. The Act imposed sanctions on Russians allegedly involved in a $230m fraud including Karpov.

Judge Peregrine Simon’s response was equally robust dismissing Pavel Karpov’s claims as an abusive use of the English courts.

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