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March 2013

Investigators Close Case Into Magnitsky’s Death

Moscow Times

Investigators said Tuesday that they had closed the case into the 2009 death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, whose name is attached to a U.S. law that has caused tension in U.S.-Russian relations by seeking to punish Russians implicated in human rights violations.

An inquiry into Magnitsky’s treatment and death in a Moscow jail, where he was awaiting trial on tax evasion charges brought after he accused government officials of a fraudulent $230 million tax rebate scheme, revealed no evidence of wrongdoing, the Investigative Committee said in a statement.

The committee’s findings contradict a 2011 investigation by the Kremlin human rights council, which said Magnitsky was pressured by prison authorities over his testimony in the tax fraud case and was left to die of pancreatitis in an isolation cell. The council’s investigation also found that Magnitsky had been beaten in prison and that there was insufficient evidence to jail him.

William Browder, head of Magnitsky’s former employer Hermitage Capital, said that the Investigative Committee’s action was not a surprise to him and that it was “a result of basically politically motivated intervention by [President Vladimir] Putin to change the narrative of what really happened to Sergei,” Radio Free Europe reported.

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