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September 2013

Thieves of Putin’s gang ‘FSB of Russia’ thriving in London

Kavkaz Center

The Daily Mail reported in two issues (here and on this link) about a gang of Putin’s thieves from the “FSB of Russia”, attempting to buy up Britain. A documentary film about these Russian criminals will be shown on Sept. 25 on channel Fox:

An early evening party is taking place in a trendy Mayfair boutique in London. Champagne flutes are raised as platinum blondes in skin-tight Cavalli coo over sparkly Swarovski clutch bags and shiny Jimmy Choos. Everyone is speaking Russian. For everyone is Russian. Guests, owners, staff, even the drivers hovering outside in their armour-plated Maybachs.

The article’s author writes that he understood the head-master of an elite prep school who refused to take Russians, calling their parents “thugs”.

Indeed, there are so many Putin’s thieves in London that, rather than just outspending everyone at British establishments, they’ve set up their own ultra-bling city within a city. It all started with a few well-known oligarchs who moved to London in order to escape tax or bloody retribution from the regime or their business rivals.

Now, more rich Russian KGB thugs are coming, as the country that boasts the youngest millionaires in the world – with an average age of 46 to our 55 – has decided London is the world’s most fashionable city. There are said to be 300,000 Russians here, though some put the figure nearer 400,000.

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