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July 2012

Senator denies Russian report on Magnitskiy case based on official inquiry


There has been no parliamentary investigation of the Magnitskiy [Magnitsky] case in Russia, head of the Federation Council International Affairs Committee Mikhail Margelov has told Interfax.

“Although there has been no special parliamentary investigation of the Magnitskiy case, this does not mean that any Russian senator cannot have his point of view based on the study of documents,” Margelov said, commenting on information in the media about a report which was presented to the US side by a group of members of the Federation Council in Washington.

According to Margelov, the delegation members had requested the necessary documents in the relevant departments and held series of meetings with their leaders and experts.

“This is a common practice of preparing such meetings, so the note which was passed to the US side reflects the Russian theory of the case. To avoid broad interpretation, the document is called ‘The results of a preliminary parliamentary investigation’, not a parliamentary investigation in the usual sense,” Margelov told the agency.

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