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June 2012

Another Magnitsky-like case should not be allowed to happen

CNN iReport

During the March of Millions on May 6th in Moscow protestors clashed with the police. Mostly this is attributed to the fact, that the special forces were not positioned according to the preapproved plan and a bottleneck was created where should have been none. A few masked provocateurs threw pieces of pavement and bottles at the police, resulting in injuries on both sides and obviously, investigation followed.

However, the subjects of investigation were only from the protestor’s side, even though attention should have been paid to the both sides of the conflict. Particularly, because there were legitimate questions about wrong position of the police forces and how the provocateurs managed to bring sticks and glass bottles through the search points.

As of today, 13 people are detained and despite arguably insufficient evidence, or even alibis in some cases, there is a strong possibility of a serious sentence for all of them, up to 8 years in jail.

One of these people is Alexander Kamensky. He has not even been at the Bolotnaya Square, where the clashes have happened on May 6th. He was detained at the Revolution Square, before ever getting to any place where protests were on. Nonetheless, he is being held under arrest according to the article 212 of the Criminal Code, for organizing, participation and instigation of the riots. There are witnesses who were arrested together with him that can confirm that he was nowhere near the scene of the protests. But the Basmanny Court has declined to call on these witnesses.

The first round of the hearing was held on June 13th, unfortunately at the time there were no any witnesses in support of the charges. The next day three witness reports have mysteriously appeared in support of the abovementioned charges.

What is making the court’s decision to keep him inder arrest even more questionable, is the fact, that Alexander has had a major surgery not very long ago and needs another one shortly. Considering the case of Sergey Magnitsky, who died under arrest from lack of proper medical care, the situation is quite serious and the court’s behavior might be interpreted as not just careless, but potentially criminal. займы на карту срочно hairy girls микрозаймы онлайн

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