Petitions Requesting a Real Investigation into Magnitsky’s Arrest, Torture and Murder Are Ignored

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4) Petition Filed by Alexey Navalny, a Russian Activist, with the Russia General Prosecutor’s Office (15 December 2009)
Below is Alexey Navalny’s description of the first complaint he filed regarding Magnitsky and the actual answer he received from the Russian General Prosecutor’s office. Navalny explains in his blog of 17 February 2010 ( that he asked the General Prosecutor’s Office to investigate allegations that the case against Magnitsky was illegitimate. He also posts the General Prosecutor’s response which doesn’t answer any of his questions. In short, Mr. Andrei Pechgin of the General Prosecutor’s Office refused to investigate Navalny’s claims.
[Download this document in PDF]

5) Complaint Filed by Jamison Firestone, Sergei Magnitsky’s Former Employer, with the Russian General Prosecutor’s Office (14 December 2009)
The complaint explains in great detail why the charges against Sergei Magnitsky make no legal or factual sense and gives evidence showing that the case was brought against Sergei only because of the testimony he gave against Interior Ministry officers. It also describes how Sergei Magnitsky was tortured in pre-trial detention in an attempt to coerce false testimony.
[Download this document in PDF]

6) Official Reply to the 14 December 2009 Complaint Filed by Jamison Firestone (22 January 2010)
The reply from the General Prosecutor’s Office to the complaint filed by Jamison Firestone on 14 December 2009 which was posted on 22 January 2010. It explains the statutes under which Sergei Magnitsky was prosecuted and goes on to say that there was nothing illegal in his detention. It ignores all of the arguments made about the false arrest and mistreatment in pre-trial detention, and it is clear that the man who signed the reply, Mr. Andrei Pechegin did not have any of these issues investigated before issuing his reply. The letter then goes on to say there is an ongoing investigation into Sergei Magnitsky’s death.
[Download this document in PDF]

UK Law Society Letter to President Medvedev requesting to investigate the role of Interior Ministry officers in Magnitsky’s persecution, torture and death (7 December 2009).
This was the second appeal by the UK Law Society to President Medvedev about the persecution of Sergei Magnitsky and other Hermitage lawyers who have exposed $230 million corruption by Russian Interior Ministry officers. In their first letter from 24 July 2009, four months prior to Magnitsky’s death in custody, the UK Law Society requested from President Medvedev to end attacks and unlawful criminal cases against Hermitage lawyers and free Magnitsky from pre-trial detention. There has been no response to both of these letters.

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