Sergei Orlov

Sergei Orlov

Conviction: Possession of Weapons and Illegal Drugs (2005)
Arrest: Kidnapping & Extortion (2006)
Sergei Orlov is the group enforcer and coordinates the activities of violent criminals for the group.
In 2006, Sergei Orlov was arrested together with another group member, Viktor Markelov, for kidnapping a business executive, Fyodor Mikheev and extorting $20 million from his boss. According to case evidence, Sergei Orlov and Viktor Markelov worked together with Officers Karpov and Kuznetsov.

At the country house Orlov held Mr. Mikheev with a convicted killer Victor Markelov

Mr. Mikheev was kept as hostage in the country house

One year later, in 2007, Viktor Markelov was fraudulently made owner and director of the stolen Hermitage using the documents seized by Officer Kuznetsov and kept in custody of Officer Karpov. Then Markelov signed the application for $230 million tax refund which was granted by tax officials in one day and wired to newly opened accounts in Klyuev’s Universal Savings Bank.

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