False Arrest and Persecution of Magnitsky

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Sergei Magnitsky’s hand-written Cassation Appeal to the Moscow Court Collegium detailing his innocence, illegal arrest and prosecution by Interior Ministry on false ground, despite the evidence of his innocence, and the unlawful decisions by judges to sanction his arrest and detention without trial in breach of the European Human Rights Convention and Russian law (29 October 2009)
[Download this document in PDF]

Sergei Magnitsky’s complaint about the falsification of his case and the tampering by investigators with case files (11 November 2009) In this complaint, five days before his death, Sergei Magnitsky states his firm determination to bring to trial the officials who repressed him and falsified the case against him. A matching complaint was filed by Magnitsky’s lawyers on 13 November 2009
[Download this document in PDF]

Sergei Magnitsky’s hand-written statement, prepared for the court hearing (12 November 2009). The statement details Sergei’s innocence, his repressive persecution by officers he accused of the $230 million theft, and the cover up of the officials who perpetrated this theft by Interior Ministry. Sergei states he is being kept hostage.
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Sergei Magnitsky’s last words, 4 days before his death, in the courtroom about the violation of his human rights and the right for defense in breach of the European Human Rights Convention. (12 November 2009) At this hearing, judge Stashina prolonged Magnitsky’s detention without trial to the full 12 months and 2 days, until 26 November 2009.
[Download this document in PDF]

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