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Application to start criminal case filed by Jamison Firestone to the Moscow Branch of Interior Ministry (10 August 2009)
An application by Jamison Firestone to the Moscow Branch of the Interior Ministry asking to open a criminal investigation into an attempt to defraud the Russian government of $21.5 million in tax receipts paid by one of his clients’ companies. Tax documents for this company were seized by officer Artem Kuznetsov in June of 2007 and were in the custody of officers Artem Kuznetsov and Pavel Karpov at the time of this attempted theft from the Russian government.
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Complaint to General Prosecutor’s Office Jamison Firestone re. Magnitsky’s Detention and the attack made on Firestone and one of his client’s companies by the criminals who attempted to steal an additional $21.5 million from the government (5 October 2009).
The complaint goes into great detail of how officers Kuznetsov and Karpov used Hermitage documents taken from Firestone’s office to steal 3 companies and rob the budget of $230 million. It details how the officers involved in this theft falsely arrested Sergei Magnitsky after he testified against them and it details his inhumane conditions in pretrial detention including that he is not receiving necessary medical treatment. It also explains that the same criminal group made an attempt to steal an additional $21.5 million from the Government in August of 2009 by using another’s company’s documents which were taken from Firestone’s office by officer Kuznetsov. Mr. Firestone explains that he discovered and reported the attempted theft from the government in August and that no action was taken during the previous 2 months and he requests an investigation of this attempted theft from the government.
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Answer from Mr. Andrei Pechegin the General Prosecutor’s ffice made without an investigation claiming that there are no violations in the Magnitsky case. (Magnitsky was dead within a month) The rest of the complaint about to steal $21.5 million from the State was not investigated. (272009).
On 26 October 2009, the day before this answer was sent, the US Ambassador met with Alexander Bastrykin, the Head of the Investigative Committee of the General Prosecutor’s Office regarding Magnitsky’s detention and this attempt made by criminals to steal an additional 21.5 million from the Russian government. Mr. Bastrykin said that he would have the case investigated if it was sent to his department. However, Mr. Andrei Pechegin, Deputy Chief of the Department for Supervision of the Investigation of Very Important Cases did not forward the case to Mr. Bastrykin and instead refused to investigate. Mr. Pechegin’s answer says the case against Magnitsky was opened under section 146 of the Criminal code. That Magnitsky and Browder have been indicted under section 171 of the code and that there are no violations of the criminal code in this case. It is clear from the time between the complaint and it answer that Mr. Pechegin did not investigate the complaint and Magnitsky was dead less than a month from the date of Mr. Pechegin’s reply. As for the rest of the complaint about the same criminal group trying to steal an additional $21.5 million from the budget, Mr Pechegin sent that part of the complaint onwards to a very low level and it was never investigated. As of June 2010, over 10 months have passed since Mr. Firestone reported this attempted theft, the criminals have since made a second attempt to steal the $21.5 million from the government and there is still no investigation open to try and prevent this theft from occurring.
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