Untouchables Photo Gallery

Viktor Grin
Deputy General Prosecutor of Russia

Born Jan 1, 1951

Responsible, along with Investigator Silchenko, for absolving the Interior Ministry officers complicit in the $230 million theft from any responsibility for that crime, and instead prosecuted a “sawmill employee” as the sole perpetrator of the largest known tax rebate fraud in Russian history.

Aleksei Anichin
Deputy Interior Minister , Head of Investigative Committee of  the Interior Ministry

Born Dec 1, 1949

Supervised a repressive criminal case against 37-year old anti-corruption lawyer Sergei Magnitsky on fabricated grounds. Denied petition addressed to him to exclude the Interior Ministry officers with a clear conflict of interest – against whom Magnitsky had testified and whom he implicated in the $230 million corruption and the expropriation of his client’s companies, and their subordinates – from the investigation team on the case against Magnitsky. Ignored Magnitsky’s complaint about the pressure exerted on him in pre-trial detention and the denial of medical care and surgery to suppress his will filed two months before Magnitsky’s death. Supervised the investigation of the theft of $230 mln. of state funds by investigator Silchenko where officials implicated by Magnitsky were not prosecuted and a sole person convicted is a sawmill employee.

Viktor Voronin
Deputy Head of Economic Security Department, Head of Department K of Federal Security Service (FSB)
Born 1958

Authorized the opening of a criminal case against Hermitage executives, which was exposed as fabricated by Sergei Magnitsky. The case was used to raid the offices of Hermitage’s law firm and seize the statutory documents of Hermitage Fund companies, in order to misappropriate them and steal $230 million from Russian people. According to an investigative report by New Times magazine, $6 mln. was paid at the FSB headquarters in Moscow in November 2008 to organise Magnitsky’s arrest.

Oleg Logunov
Deputy Head of Investigative Committee of Interior Ministry, now Head of Legal Department of General Prosecutor Office

Born Feb 4, 1962

Personally oversaw and directed the repressive criminal case against Sergei Magnitsky. Appointed the Interior Ministry officers, implicated by Sergei Magnitsky in the $230 million corruption, and their subordinates to form the investigation team and advance a case against Magnitsky. Approved the arrest of Magnitsky by those officers on false ground (one month after Magnitsky’s testimony). Authorized to detain Magnitsky for 12 months without bringing the case to trial. While in pre-trial detention, Magnitsky was pressured to withdraw his testimony against the Interior Ministry officers in exchange for medical care and ending his torture.

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