Cover up

Russian government officials personally responsible for the false arrest, torture and murder in custody of Sergei Magnitsky have not been brought to justice. Some of them have been promoted. No one has been charged.

To remain untouchable, they insist they did nothing wrong when they approved Sergei Magnitsky’s arrest by officers he had accused, they are concealing the truth about his last hours in their hands, and they are even denying that they deliberately withheld medical treatment and that Sergei ever requested it for the illness he developed in custody, despite of the mountain of evidence to the contrary.

Here are just some of the activities by the Untouchables to cover up their crimes:

  • Denial of Magnitsky’s family request for an independent autopsy; refusal for the family to see his body for the wake;
  • Lies by prison officials to the Moscow Prison Watchdog about what happened in Magnitsky’s final hours;
  • Denial of causes of his death;
  • Denial of the existence of requests for medical care;
  • Currently conducting an “examination” of his handwriting to verify autheniticty of his complaints (complaints they confirmed as received and rejected when Magnitsky was alive);
  • Denial that Magnitsky was falsely arrested and prosecuted and kept by officers he accused as a hostage;
  • Denial of the crime Magnitsky exposed and role of officials in it.
President’s investigation sabotaged and going nowhere
Petitions requesting a real investigation into Magnitsky’s arrest, torture and murder are ignored


Read select articles describing the on-going cover up:

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