Blogosphere on Magnitsky

Sergei Magnitsky is a young Russian anti-corruption lawyer who died at the hands of Russian police officers whom he implicated in the theft of $230 million. After Magnitsky testified about their corruption, the officers arrested him and tortured him for 12 months in pre-trial detention. They denied him human dignity, any contact with the family and life-saving medical treatment. Despite this cruel treatment, Sergei did not give in to their pressure to withdraw his testimony. On 11 November 2009, he filed a complaint with the court stating his determination to bring to justice the corrupt officers involved in his persecution and the falsification of the case against him. On 16 November 2009, he died in custody at the age of 37.

Despite the public outrage caused by his death, today these corrupt officers remain in their high-powered jobs, receive promotions and spend their ill-gotten money.

Let everybody know what you think about their impunity. Stop the Untouchables on this website’s blog here.

Read select blog comments about  Sergei Magnitsky and the crimes he exposed below:

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