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Citizen Investigator

Since the corrupt officials have the status as “Untouchables” in the Russian system, the only way to obtain justice against these powerful people is for regular people to collect information and disclose it publicly. If the crimes of the “Untouchables”and the proceeds of their crimes become common knowledge, even the most powerful people will face justice.

The Crimes

After stealing $230 million from the Russian people and then torturing and murdering the man who exposed this crime, Sergei Magnitsky, the corrupt Russian officials – the “Untouchables” – have acted with complete impunity. A key witness of their crimes has been silenced forever. Their role in the crimes have been covered up at the highest level of Russian law enforcement. Let’s not let them get away with it.

The Solution

If you know or see any of the “Untouchables” in their day-to-day life, we invite you to share this information with the world. We want to know the next time you see them passing you on the road in their Land Rover or Ferrari or through a window of an expensive shop or restaurant. We should not let these people spend their “blood money” in peace. If you can, take a picture of them on your mobile phone or camera, write down the name of the five star hotel they are staying in, take note of the seat number they are sitting in first class of an aircraft, and send it to us.

Please contact us to report their past crimes. Report the next time they try to use their powers to intimidate you, your relatives or your friends. Send us any factual information you know to be truthful via the form below or by e-mail: The identity of all contributors will be held in confidence.

Help bring these Untouchables to justice for the murder of Sergei Magnitsky. Act now to stop them before they choose a new victim.

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