The evidence of the crimes of the Untouchables is overwhelming.

The involvement of Russian Interior Ministry officers in the theft of the Russian companies of the Hermitage Fund, the largest foreign portfolio investor and one of the largest taxpayers in the country, and in the subsequent theft of $230 million from the Russian people  is detailed in the complaints that Hermitage and HSBC’s lawyers filed and in the testimonies of Sergei Magnitsky, lawyer for Hermitage Fund, given both before and during his pre-trial detention.

The evidence that Sergei Magnitsky was falsely arrested and detained as an act of retaliation by the officers he had testified against is given in the complaints filed by Magnitsky and his lawyers challenging his arrest and detention.  These complaints clearly explain why the case brought against him could not possibly be true and why there were no grounds to arrest or detain him. The complaints document that the officers had no credible evidence to support their claims and that they were concealing evidence from the courts which demonstrated his innocence. The complaints also document his terrible treatment in pre-trial detention. None of these complaints were ever considered by authorities. They simply rejected them without cause as soon as they were filed.

Additional evidence that the officers participated in the $230 million from the Russian government can be seen in the purchases made by the officers’ family members immediately after the theft.  At the time of the thefts close family members of the officers began buying millions of dollars in assets. These family members have not declared the funds necessary to purchase these assets and have no legal source of income that can explain their sudden wealth. It is also clear that the assets registered in their names are being used by the officers themselves.

Magnitsky’s testimonies against corrupt officers
False arrest and persecution of Magnitsky by officers he had testified against
Officers’ illicit assets

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