The Russian Interior Ministry protects Klyuev and all the corrupt officials (2008-2010)

The Russian Interior Ministry protects Officers Kuznetsov and Karpov and says their millions come from rich parents

After Sergei Magnitsky’s murder, it was discovered that the families of the two Interior Ministry Officers whom Sergei Magnitsky accused of being involved in the theft of Hermitage companies and $230 million and who later opened a case against him and had him arrested, had become incredibly rich.

Officer Artem Kuznetsov and his family were caught with over $3 million in assets and Officer Pavel Karpov and his family were caught with at least $1.3 million.

One year after Sergei Magnitsky’s murder, and no criminal cases opened against the officers, Russian Interior Ministry spokesperson Irina Dudukina explained that the Russian Interior Ministry’s Department of Internal Security did a full investigation of Officers Kuznetsov and Karpov and found nothing wrong. Ms Dudukina said:

“Yes everything [their right to their money] was confirmed, because besides the fact that they work in government, they have relatives who also have the right to engage in commercial activities, and accordingly have incomes higher than civil servants. So it’s [their money] is legitimate, it’s all confirmed.”

Interior Ministry’s Irina Dudukina was then awarded a medal for her services to the Interior Ministry.

Below you can watch a Russian NTV special where reporters showed that the police officers’ parents have no money. Watch as they greet Lt. Col. Kuznetsov’s “rich” mother on her staircase

NTV Video special where reporters showed that the officials’ parents have no money.

5:31-42 Officer Kuznetsov’s “rich” mother who is the registered owner of the million dollar apartment and many other assets.

Interior Ministry concludes that the tax officials were tricked into making the refunds and are victims

After the Russian government was forced to recognize the $230 million theft from the Russian government, the Interior Ministry arrested Sergei Magnitsky, placed him in detention and started to pressure him to withdraw his testimony accusing the officials of perpetrating the theft. The Interior Ministry also launched a complex investigation into the theft and entrusted it to Officer Silchenko, the same Investigator who arrested and tortured Sergei Magnitsky.

Soon Officer Silchenko issued his investigation findings that tax officials were tricked into making refunds and produced a testimony from an ex-convict Viktor Markelov as a proof. The Russian court found no problem with this finding, also sanctioned by Deputy General Prosecutor of Russia Viktor Grin and Deputy Chief of Interior Ministry’s Investigative Department Oleg Logunov.

On the basis of the testimony from a convict, the Russian Interior Ministry exonerated all tax officials who refunded $107 million in 2006 and $230 million in 2007 and wired the money to Universal Savings Bank owned by Dmitry Klyuev with whom these officials vacation together. These are the same tax officials who have amassed $43 million in foreign bank accounts and property. Innocent. Tricked, and victims.

The Interior Ministry investigators who made this conclusion were all awarded medals and honors as “Russia’s Best Investigators” clearly demonstrating the type of skills and qualities that the Russian state most values in its police officers.

Watch NTV special showing parents of rich Russian tax officials living in squalid conditions

1:00 to 1:10 and 8:10 to 9:11 Vladlen Stepanov’s parents (Vladlen is now ex-husband of the Head of Tax Office 28 Olga Stepanova who approved the fraudulent refunds) admitting to a Russian TV reporter that the land was registered in parents’ name because that’s how the children wanted it.

Interior Ministry shields the stolen money and says it can’t be found

Finally, when Russian Interior Ministry’s spokeswoman Irina Dudukina was asked about the whereabouts of the $230 million refunded by tax officials to Universal Savings Bank and stolen from the Russian people, she explained that the money can not be traced because the truck carrying the bank records blew up.

On 16 April 2011, the day when the $43 million in illicit wealth of the Russian tax officials and their families were revealed for the first time, Russian police spokeswoman Irina Dudukina informs Barrons that:

“all the bank records police needed in order to trace the stolen money were in a truck that crashed and exploded in 2008.”

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